February 12th   1 comment

Today it was clear that the summer migrants are on their way. At least in human terms. The harbour and beach was full of people this afternoon. It reminded me that the resources that a lot of birds like redshanks rely on in the winter are pretty much unavailable to them during the spring holidays. But today was mild, or at least felt mild with sun in the afternoon and practically no wind. So the redshanks were roosting all afternoon anyway, safe on the rocks out from harbour beach. As they were pushed onto the beach by the rising tide, so the crowds were pushed off by the setting sun. It’s a different story though when it’s really cold. Then disturbance along a beach can have fatal consequences for waders hard pushed to meet their soaring energy demands as they struggle to keep warm (for a bird warmth = food). But of course then there are few people about and certainly no-one actually hanging around on the beach for any length of time. Still, today was the start of the switch from just birds on the beach to just people.

Redshank - starting its timeshare with Crail's other beach visitors today

Posted February 12, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. You haven’t mentioned herons recently. A few days ago a heron that was sitting on the roof of the empty house next door having a bit of thought and a look round, when it was mobbed by gulls who sent it flying off. Horrid things! MJC

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