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It is a good time to look out for grey wagtails either on the shore below the Brandyburn, on the beach at Roome Bay or more or less anywhere around the damp rooftops and tarmac of Crail. If you get a good view of one you realise that grey wagtails are one of our star birds. They are more yellow than grey, but the striking thing for me is their very long tail. Which they wag, of course, as they feed. Having such a long tail makes grey wagtails very manoeuvrable which must be very useful when they are in their main habitat of narrow gorges, cliffs and waterfalls. A rainy town is not a million miles from this habitat which is perhaps why they have started to become more common in urban areas in recent years.

Grey wagtail


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  1. I’ve been watching an adult and a juvenile Blackcap in my garden in Felkington Avenue, Crail. They seem to be quite happy jockying for position on my sunflower heart feeders. But I didn’t realise they were so fond of apples, I buy cheap apples for the blackbirds but the Blackcaps seem to love them too. I never stop learning!

    PS. Fantastic picture of the grey wagtail on your posting today

    • Thanks for the info re blackcaps. I have not seen any in Crail this winter but we do usually have a few. I have noticed more bullfinches in the gardens of Crail this week; I’m not sure if they are continental birds or just locals moving into Crail because of the slightly harder weather.

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