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The wind has been fairly ferocious from the West all day. Most birds seem to be sheltering. I watched the sea at first light this morning and had to search to find anything. One shag fishing and a gannet, a kittiwake and an auk struggling to come into the Forth against the wind. It felt like I was seawatching in Southern England. Despite the wind it has stayed mild all day again. It’s thirteen degrees tonight, so again all a bit Southern England.

I finally found some birds today at Kingsbarns in the shelter of dunes. The tides this week are very high and as at Roome Bay this pushes all the sandhoppers up the beach and many get washed out. This attracts large numbers of gulls, waders and starlings to pick them off, and perhaps particularly today where it was sheltered from the wind at Kingsbarns below the car park. It will be the same tomorrow and it is well worth going to see. Hundreds of gulls – black-headed, common and herring gulls swimming and pattering along the tideline picking the sandhoppers from the surf. Then at the waters’ edge redshanks, sanderling and purple sandpipers, and on the wrack strandline, starlings, rock pipits and pied wagtails. A fantastic gathering of birds, alive with movement as they avoided the waves or all swirled up briefly as a beach walker came too close.Black-headed gull

Posted November 26, 2011 by wildcrail in Sightings

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