September 25th   Leave a comment

Today was warmer than many of the days this summer. The wind has gone round to the south and should remain so all week. Most of our swallows seem to have left this week, although there is still a late common sandpiper around the Harbour rocks. There were plenty of butterflies about today with peacocks, small tortoiseshells and the occasional painted lady around visiting the Buddlejas that are in many Crail gardens.

Painted lady posing on a New Dawn rose

The southerly winds brought an immigrant moth into our garden. My son Sam found a dark swordgrass moth hiding in our strawberry plants. It is big and impressive (at least within the world of Crail moths). This moth doesn’t breed in Britain and gets blown over to us from the Continent fairly commonly, although I think not very often as far north as Fife.

Dark swordgrass moth - blown in fresh from the Continent

The first pink-footed geese came over Crail this week but only in small numbers. They seem to be accumulating up in Aberdeenshire as last year and delaying their arrival with us.

Posted September 25, 2011 by wildcrail in Sightings

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