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The day after the storm, although it was still pretty windy today. Last night gusts were sometimes over 70 mph and this morning fallen branches and the occasional fallen tree were evident. Lots of dead birds too, particularly newly fledged rooks that can barely fly anyway and eider chicks that wouldn’t have had a chance in the crazy seas of yesterday.

Turtle Dove at Kilrenny today

Yesterday a turtle dove was reported from Kilrenny. Turtle doves are summer visitors to England and only occasionally get to Scotland. They have declined massively over the last 30 years. They were a common sight in my childhood in England but now they are becoming quite rare. Another African migrant that is disappearing in our lifetimes. But they have always been rare in Scotland. We get one around Crail about every three years and the last one was at Kilrenny too. In fact, in the same garden, under the same bird table! I caught up with it tonight. It was feeding with tree and house sparrows. The sparrows were taking peanuts from a hanging feeder and the dove was clearing up the left overs. A couple of the tree sparrows were newly fledged juveniles; they at least have survived the winds.

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