December 4th   1 comment

A very snowy week. There has been snow on the ground since last Saturday, and since Thursday the night time temperatures have been going down to about -4 degrees Centigrade. As predicted there have been woodcocks coming into Crail to take advantage of the milder temperatures (everything is relative). Many areas of ground by the shore are unfrozen in contrast to even a few hundred meters inland.


There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of skylarks in the fields around Crail at the moment. They are doing the same thing as the woodcocks – they are in search of milder conditions. The fields inland must be empty. I expect the birds of prey to follow them, particularly merlins.

This morning the whole village was full of the sound of pink-footed geese that must have been in the fields just to the north. Unlike everything else I shouldn’t think they notice the snow much. None of the fields have a particularly deep covering when you are the size of a goose and able to eat the shoots protruding out of the snow. But it’s a different story when you are the size of a skylark and the seeds you are looking for are buried, or you are a woodcock and the ground is too frozen to put your bill in to find worms.

Both of the Crail ring-necked parakeets were flying above the centre this morning. They are still mostly to be found in the garden to the west of the Kirk, but occasionally they fly around screeching. And they sound just like Disney’s idea of parrots: next time you think the cold weather has got to you and you are imagining hearing parrots in Crail, have faith, and look for them. They really do exist and their flash of brilliant green against the wintery sky is the perfect antidote to the cold.

Posted December 5, 2010 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. Spotted one of the ring necked parakeets today at the churchyard, and mentioned it in my photojournal: – hope that’s ok.

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