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Whooper Swans


A relatively quiet week with some highlights around Crail being whooper swans occasionally commuting over the village. There are now about 65 redshank around Crail from Harbour Beach to Roome Bay with about 20 turnstone . They are feeding often on the big piles of wrack washed up with the southerly gales at the end of last week. We are definitely heading into winter with the gannets getting scarce. There have been thousands of little auks past the May heading south too but sadly none close enough in for me to see from Crail.



I didn’t manage to catch up with any waxwings in Crail, but was lucky enough to see a flock of about 20 in a whitebeam close to Morrisons in St Andrews this morning. Waxwings are truly spectacular birds that never disappoint. They simply don’t look like a European species – too intricately coloured and exotic. I saw a second flock of 12 from my University office window a couple of hours later while on the phone to a colleague who was bemoaning missing the waxwings over the weekend. They were heading in his direction and he picked them up a minute later from the adjacent building. We are in the midst of a waxwing invasion to the UK just now (or irruption as it is called) so keep watching out for them in any berry tree or bush around Crail throughout the winter.


Posted November 29, 2010 by wildcrail in Sightings

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