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More heavy snow showers for the last two days. We can expect a few odd things turning up on the beaches as everything gets frozen inland. Common snipe and woodcock are very likely with the chance of jack snipe. Woodcocks are usually nocturnal so look for dark long-billed birds flying up from the grassy margins by the shore at dusk.







In Roome Bay at the moment there are a few goldeneyes. They are small diving ducks that hang out in the surf. The males are very handsome black and white with a prominent white spot on their black heads. Females or immatures are less distinctive with brown heads and grey backs.

Goldeneye pair



A highlight this morning was three peregrines chasing each other above Crail. I occasionally see a pair hunting together, but today I think they were seeing off a second male. Male peregrines are much smaller than females, but they are much more agile. Peregrines look amazing when they are flying at full speed in strong winds like this morning. When they are chasing each other you realise that most of the time they must be taking it easy, even when hunting.

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